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A New life for Chetana

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Nepali society is dominated by feudal culture, richer people becoming richer and poorer to ultra poor affecting their life at large. This case story is a representative of prevailing Nepali society. Ms Chetana Kumari, a Dalit woman of 35 years from Rolpa district, was suffering from the deep rooted culture and stigma of feudal and patriarchal society. She was married to four different persons and she has four children; two boys and two girls. But unfortunately now she is living alone with the support of maternal family. She has come across with different harassment and difficulties leading to severe mental health problem. She started coming out to street, even without clothes and run into forest in nearby village.

One day CMC-Nepal trained FCHV Ms Shree Maya (pseudo name) found her then immediately she reported to trained health worker for treatment. Trained health worker asked for someone who can take responsibility to look after her. Nobody accepted to look after and care for her. Members of “Pragatisil Self Help Group” of the village, formed with the support and initiation of CMC – Nepal, discussed for her treatment and care with FCHV and trained health worker. One of the FCHV took bold decision and accepted this responsibility and took Chetana to her home for treatment and medication. It was in fact a bold and challenging decision to bring a Dalit woman at home. After three months of care and treatment at FCHV’s home she got a lot better then shifted to her relative. Now she is also able to look after her younger child. She often asks FCHV about her behavior when she was ill and tries to consol by herself. The improvement by medication and care by FCHV was so visible that now the community people also regarded it as a good work that should be followed by others. It has also helped the Self Help Group to bring awareness among villagers that mental illness can be treated. Chetana Kumari with the support of group and FCHV started raising goats which has kept her busy. A small financial support of NRs 12000 (twelve thousand) by CMC – Nepal has an impact in her life in different ways. She is now taken by villagers as an example for good treatment coupled with care & respect of family and of community. CMC-Nepal’s social worker is in regular contact with her for monitoring the improvement and medication. It is also encouraging her in her work and caring her children.

This story is a representative of small initiatives being taken by CMC – Nepal with Financial Partners Support

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