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One Year Practicum based Psychosocial Counseling Training

CMC – Nepal is very glad to announce the comprehensive intensive training in Psychosocial counselling. This course is designed for those who are working in health and development and are directly or indirectly dealing with human problems.

The detail of the training & Application can be downloaded from below . Please go through it and please confirm us your participation.

1) Application
2) One Year Practicum based Psychosocial Counseling Training
3) Administration / Logistics
4) Course Outline

If you have further queries regarding this training, please feel free to contact us.

Thanking you for your kind support.
CMC Nepal
Note: This training has been postponed and the exact date will be informed later.

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sunil lama
sunil lama
8 years ago

where does this training will conduct? what is the minimum academic criteria and what cost will it occurs for the whole one year training??
I am doing bsw with psychology in major first year at trichandra college. so is it suitable for me??

7 years ago

When will program is conducted? What are the requirements for applicants? Can I join training program if I have passed only +2 level??

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