Child Mental Health Program

This programme is currently implemented in Salyan & Kailali districts with the funding support of Felm. This program promotes mental health and psychosocial well-being of children and adolescents for quality learning. This programme mainly focuses in improving classroom behavioural management, empowering the parents & stakeholders for their involvement in school activities, practice of positive disciplinary approach and student listening unit (school counselling) for psychosocial well-being of children. It also aims to integrate this approach within the government education systems at central level through advocacy & lobbying.

Programme approaches & activities are:


  • Training and supervision of teachers, in child friendly classroom management and positive disciplinary approach & effective parenting
  • Support of play, drawings, stationary materials and promotional boards
  • Interaction with parents, multi-stakeholders, child friendly school facilitation action group and child clubs.


  • Training for teachers on assessment and management of emotional and behavioral problems (EBPs) and school counselling.
  • Supervision and coaching.


  • Training of health workers in EBPs & other psychosocial problems in children and children counselling
  • Development of referral center for higher level psychosocial intervention at district hospitals
  • Drugs support to poor epileptic child

CMC-Nepal in collaboration with Department of Education has piloted comprehensive school counselling programme in 20 schools of Gorkha & Rasuwa districts effective from November 2015 for 2 years.

For more detail, please go through the Annual Report.

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