Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programme

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CMC-Nepal, in collaboration with the Non Communicable Disease and Mental Health Section of Epidemiology and Disease Control Division and National Health Training Centre of the Department of Health Service (DoHS) at central level and with local government at community level, has been conducting Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programme in 4 districts; Udayapur, Okhaldhunga, Surkhet and Jajarkot. The funding partner of this project is TEAR Australia. Currently, fifth phase of this project is on progress since 2019, for three years. It has focused its activities on benefitting people living with mental and psychosocial problems by enhancing access to mental health and psychosocial services in government health institutions. While doing so, CMC-Nepal has been conducting training on mental health and psychosocial counseling support to government health professionals. Post training supportive clinical supervision and backstopping is inbuilt within the training.

It is also creating awareness at community level through radio programs, awareness campaigns and workshops with female community health volunteers (FCHV), traditional healers, mother groups, teachers, health facility operation management committee (HFOMC) and other community people. CMC-Nepal is also working with persons with mental disorders and psychosocial disabilities and their family members to disseminate or educate them in mental health, mental illness and its effects at individual, family and community level by encouraging them to raise their voices for the protection of rights to services and other social benefits with the formation of self-help group, for self-advocacy

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Ashmita Maden
Ashmita Maden
8 months ago

Dear concern
I would like to.know.more about this program.

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