Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programme

Aims to improve the access to mental health and psychosocial support at government health facilities and facilitates to integrate mental health and psychosocial support into the existing public health system. This programme also intends to build capacity of local NGO and development partners to address the psychosocial needs of traumatised people in their programme areas. This programme is currently implemented in 9 districts (Morang, Okhaldunga, Udaypur, Rasuwa, Salyan, Banke, Bardiya, Dadeldhura & Kailali), with financial support of Tear Australia and Felm.

Programme activities are:

  • Training in mental health for health professionals, including medical officers
  • Training in psychosocial support for nursing, paramedics and development workers
  • Clinical supervision and backstopping for trained people to strengthen their skills and capacity
  • Awareness campaign through radio programme, exhibitions & orientation workshops
  • Empowerment of people living with mental health problems and psychosocial disabilities and their families for treatment, rehabilitation and the rights and inclusion through formation & empowerment of Self Help Group, Medicine support for poor epileptic and psychotic patients
  • Lobby and advocacy with government health authorities for the integration of mental health and psychosocial counselling service into the existing public health system

For more detail, please go through the Semi-Annual & Annual Report (financially supported by Felm & Tear Australia).

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