Human Resource Development Unit (HRDU)

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Human Resource Development Unit of CMC-Nepal is mainly geared towards human resource development in mental health and psychosocial counseling and development of service provision for the persons with mental disorders and psychosocial disabilities. It also works for CMC-Nepal’s visibility and publicity through conducting research and publication in national and international journals.
This unit designs and delivers training in mental health and psychosocial counseling and also conducts post training supportive supervision and backstopping.
This unit of CMC Nepal provides the following training & services:

  • Design and Develop Training Package & Manual, including tailor-made training
  • Conduct Training in Mental health and Psychosocial Counseling
  • Conduct Training in Trauma Counseling
  • Post Training Support & Supervision (backstopping, coaching in the field and distance supervision and coaching)
  • Develop and Design Awareness and Advocacy Materials
  • Psychiatric and Psychosocial counseling services
  • Research and publication
  • Stress management and psychosocial support to the employees of corporate business organisations
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