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Message From Chairperson

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CMC-Nepal is a non-profit organization working in the field of mental health and psychosocial counseling. Since its inception in 2003, CMC-Nepal has been providing promotive, preventive, and curative mental health services. By now, we have expanded our services in 47 districts of Nepal to address important yet neglected mental health issues.
Mental health is a global issue. Nearly 1 billion people are living with mental disorders. This problem is more acute in low and middle income countries. It is estimated that around 76% and 85% of people with severe mental disorders in these countries receive no treatment for their mental conditions. Poverty, unemployment, and stigma further add to the problem. As a non-government organization, CMC- Nepal strives to address these mental health challenges in collaboration with the government of Nepal.
We provide wide-range of mental health services in an integrated way. Our programs include: Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Counseling, School Mental Health Program, Psychosocial Support to Safer Migration Project, Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response, Inclusive Community Mental Health Program, Promotion of Child Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing in Community, Psychosocial Counselling for Community Inclusion of Conflict Victims and Psychosocial Counseling Training (a six-months course) for all levels of primary health care workers. We also organize awareness raising and stigma reduction activities in the community and work with the families of mental disorders and epilepsies, and provide all our services without discrimination, and with special attention to marginalized and underserved communities. We also work for policy advocacy at all level of the government for integration of mental health into the existing health care delivery system.
We would like to thank all our partners, friends, and well wishers for their continuous support, which enables us to continue our service.

Dr. S. P. Kalaunee

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