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  • Community Based Mental Health Program
  • School Based Mental Health Program
  • Psychosocial Counselling training and services
  • Trauma Counselling training and services
  • Stress management services and training

Psychiatrists in CMC- Nepal
Dr. Kapil Dev Upadhyaya, Senior Psychiatrist, previously worked for 34 years in Government Health Service in different posts. He is one of the experts in mental health training, supervision, stress management and clinical service.  He was a short-term consultant (March 1996) in WHO and also Temporary Advisor for WHO for short period in 1997, Director of Mental Health Hospital for 2006-2008, Chief Consultant in Mental Hospital for 2004-2006 and Stress Counsellor in UN for 2008-2011. Also, Dr. Upadhyaya is one of the Senior Advisors in CMC-Nepal and has been contributing in designing national training curriculum in mental health, policy advocacy and providing specialized mental health and counselling services.

Dr. Vidya Dev Sharma, Senior Psychiatrist, is associated with Institute of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health. he is an expert in mental health training, supervision and clinical service.

Psychologists / Counsellors in CMC-Nepal

  1. Dr. Pashupati Mahat (Technical Director-CMC Nepal) is a Senior Clinical Psychologist  with experience in public mental health in Nepal. He is leading a national level mental health NGO since 2003 in Nepal which supports in establishing the prevalence of mental health problems in different communities including children and adolescent, develop and implement mental health intervention projects to establish evidence-based cost-effective mental health services at community level for targeted population and to national level as well. He is a registered clinical psychologist, involved in practice of psychotherapies contextualized in Nepalese context, validate and practice psychological tests for child and adolescents and adult population, developed and practiced standard clinical supervision protocol for clinical psychologist/ psychologist/ psychosocial counsellors and extensively involved in developing training package for school mental health, psychosocial counseling, psychological first aid and basic psychosocial support trainings. He has been involved in different mental health researches including national mental health survey of NHRC, involved in supervising research students both national and international universities.
  2. Mr. Madhu Bilash Khanal is a Senior School Psychologist and leading school mental health program of CMC-N since last 14 years. His main expertise lies in designing and conducting training focusing promotive, preventive and curative aspect of mental health of children in school and community. He has extensive experiences in developing school mental health training manual, school counseling (psychosocial , academic and career counseling) and effective parenting reference materials and designing of training packages in student counseling, positive disciplinary approach (PDA), child friendly class room management (CFCM) and child mental health problems for school teachers and parenting education for parents.  He is highly experienced in conducting training for school teachers, parents and children, and conducting supervision support to school counselor teacher and psychosocial counselors to maintain their professional competency. He has also good experiences in conducting stress management training to the teachers. He is practicing psychotherapeutic skills based in systemic approach for children, adolescents and adult.
  3. Ms. Karuna Kunwar is a Senior Psychologist at CMC-Nepal and UN external Stress Counsellor. She has seventeen years of experience in the field of psychosocial and mental health.  She is a certified Stress Counsellor from Critical Incident and Stress Management Unit (CISMU), UNDSS New York. She has published numerous articles that are related to mental health and psychosocial issues. Her expertise includes counselling, training and supervision.
  4. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jha, has been working more than 18 years in mental health and psychosocial work. He has extensive experiences in conducting training in psychosocial counselling for health workers nad NGO staff and provide clinical supervision. He is a practitioner psychologist, trained and practice systemic therapy approach in service, training and supervision
  5. Mr. Bishnu Prajapati, is a Senior Health Assistant by profession and has been working in CMC-Nepal since 2003 in community based mental health program and in other projects for mental health components. He is involved in designing mental health training course for the health workers, providing training and supervision and development of material on mental health issues for awareness raising. He is trained and practive in systemic counselling approach in CMC-Nepal. He has extensive experience of developing mental health and psychosocial awareness materials for community level.
  6. Ms. Smriti Ghimire is a Psychologist, working in CMC-Nepal as a Psychosocial Supervisor and mainly involved in conducting trainings and supervision for psychosocial counselors. She has experiences in providing counseling services to children from difficult living conditions ranging from street children, orphan abandoned children and children who faced trafficking. She is trained in systemic therapy and is practicing effectively in psychosocial counseling services, training and supervision.
  7. Dr. Shaligram Bhattarai is a Clinical Psychologist, has been working in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) for more than 15 years and also experience in implementing psychosocial support project in GBV.  He has done his PhD in the Clinical Applications of Mindfulness Meditation and also that he himself is a practitioner of mindfulness meditation. He is equally involved in psychosocial counseling services in CMC-Nepal.
  8. Ms. Sujita Baniya is a Clinical Psychologist, has been working in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) for more than 4 years. She also worked at post earthquake and have experience in implementing psychosocial support project in GBV.  She is practicing effectively in psychosocial counseling services, training and supervision.

International Supervisor in Psychosocial Work

Ms. Dorothée Janssens de BisthovenCertified Psychologist (MSc)Dorothée began working in 1997 in her home country, Germany, and has since been employed as a counsellor, family-psychotherapist, lecturer, trainer and supervisor in various clinical, scientific and academic contexts. She has extensive experience of family and trauma therapy as well as hypnotherapy. For the past 17 years she has led regular workshops on family constellations and the systemic approach. Reflecting her strong interest in intercultural exchange, Dorothée spent time living in Bolivia and Nepal, where she worked as a trainer and supervisor in the psychosocial field. She has given training and supervision to CMC psychosocial team in systemic psychotherapy. She currently lives and works in Brussels, where she has her own practice for psychotherapy and counselling in Etterbeek.

How can I access psychosocial and mental health service in CMC-Nepal:

  • Contact to CMC in 4226041, 4102037 to ask appointment for mental health or psychosocial counselling service.
  • Contact can also be done through e-mail in
  • Mental health and counselling service unit collect basic information from client, provide system and available expert (psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor) based on client choice.
  • Respective unit staff coordinate with available psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor for appointment as per client request.
  • Inform the client about appointment date and time within three working days of request registered in CMC-Nepal.
  • Client should confirm the provided appointment schedule.
  • The payment can be done before or after receiving service as per convenience of the client.