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Mental health  related

  1. Spirit, demons and mental disorders in nepaliese culture, some historical aspects
  2. Stress management for good physical and mental health
  3. Promoting Mental Health for healthier subsistence
  4. Article by Dr. Kapil Dev Upadhyaya
  5. A Narrative Inquiry Into Global Systems Change to Support Families When a Parent Has a Mental Illness
  6. Mindfulness based interventions for depression and anxiety in Asian Population: A systematic review
  7. Epilepsy field worker, a smartphone application and telephone telemedicine: Safe and effetive epilepsy care in rural Nepal
  8. Intervention- Journal of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Conflict Affected Areas
  9. Understanding the psychosocial and mental health needs of Haruwa and Charuwa bonded labourers in South-Eastern Nepal
  10. Suicide and self harm in Nepal : A scoping review
  11. Mental Health & Community Health in Nepal: Major Milestones in the development of Modern Mental Health Care
  12. Stress Management for Good Physical & Mental Health
  13. Inclusion of people with psychosocial disability in low and middle income contexts: a practice review
  14. Difference between Male & Female
  15. Alzheimers Disease
  16. Development of Mental Health Service in Nepal
  17. Integration of Mental Health in PHC
  18. Morbidity Profile of patients
  19. National Mental Health policy
  20. Mental Health, Mass Media & Stigma
  21. Vipassana – Meditation — Vivekananda
  22. Suicide in Kaski District –Dr. Kapil D. Upadhyaya

Psychosocial support in Disaster

  1. Facilitators’ Guide for orienting field workers
  2. Psychological First Aid for field workers
  3. Psychosocial support Fact Sheet for Care Providers following earthquake
  4. Psychosocial support for Survivors Of Natual Disaster
  5. Psychosocial support for Survivors of Earthquake
  6. Post Traumate Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  7. Disaster Information for families & individual