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Support for SEE to SDC Project

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Support for Effective Empowerment to Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s project

This project ensures that the people are benefiting from SDC funded project intervention and are empowered to better understand their roles and rights in development and thereby utilizing local resources and better option for improving their wellbeing. CMC-Nepal builds the capacity of SDC staffs and partners to understand the needs of conflict affected people and socially marginalized people and address them with full participation of community members in their project areas. The projects supported are F-Skill (Training for overseas employment and domestic trade), Vertical Shaft Brick Kilns (VSBK), Rural Health Development Project (RHDP), Advocacy Forum, Skill For Employment Programme (SEP), Employment Fund (EF), Good Governance Project (GGP), Local Infrastructure For Livelihood Improvement (LILI) and Social Mobilization Project in Khotang district.

Program activities are:

  • Training and coaching in effective empowerment following psychosocial approach to help to understand the process of disempowerment in conflict affected and poorest people
  • Development of tool and manual to support the work of empowerment and exchange of experiences between trainers and project staffs

(Note : The support to SDC’s project in psychosocial approach is completed in January 2012)

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