World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

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“Working together to prevent suicide”

Date: 10th September 2020

September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day.  Every year WSPD provides the opportunity for people, across the globe to raise awareness on suicide and suicide prevention.  Since 2003, around the world in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, and create awareness to help to fight suicidal thoughts for our loved ones. It is an opportunity to raise awareness all across the world that suicide can be prevented. The ongoing pandemic has affected majorly in the mental health situation of people. Staying at home, less physical activity, less socializing, less or almost zero income and unexpected changes in the way everything works has made it important to highlight suicide prevention. This year, this day has been marked virtually by spreading information on suicide prevention virtually via social media platform mostly.

In this time of global pandemic crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak where the spread is alarming and uncertainties among people are rising, CMC-Nepal stands in solidarity and is supporting in every way possible through providing psychosocial support in our project areas and via social media platform, tele-counselling, interviews from different radios, televisions & news portal platforms.

In Nepal as well, the day was marked successfully and celebrated in the leadership of the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD), Department of Health Services, Teku, Kathmandu in Kathmandu in coordination of all the organisations working in the field of mental health. CMC-Nepal actively participated in the virtual meeting organized by different organisations. Also, interviews were broadcasted from different news portals, radios & televisions.

Likewise, in the working districts of CMC-Nepal, this day was marked effectively. Awareness raising initiatives on suicide and suicide prevention was executed on same week.

  • In Surkhet: This day was celebrated in Barhatal Rural Municipality in coordination with Local Government maintaining physical distance. This is the first time in this municipality that World Suicide Prevention Day was celebrated. Because of the current situation, it was impossible to gather mass, but the presence of chair of Municipality, ward chairpersons, local police chief, teachers, staffs from municipality and FCHVs, this day was celebrated. Interaction on suicide prevention were provided. Early signs of suicide were also discussed and requested to provide care, support and referral to those who express suicidal thoughts.   

Even though the program activities were very simple, it was very effective as orientation on suicide prevention, its symptoms & its reason, preventive measures, role of near ones & communities were briefed. The ward chief also shared that before this, he hadn’t heard about this day and has promised that in future also, the day will be celebrated and will always support in raising awareness on suicide prevention and thanked all whoever motivated to celebrate this day including to CMC-Nepal. Additionally, in coming days, will always come together with CMC-Nepal for reducing mental health problems.

Likewise, for raising awareness in community level on suicide prevention, in coordination with health coordinator of the concerned (rural) municipalities, it was discussed on how to celebrate in each Municipality of Surkhet district. The flyer on suicide prevention was mailed to all the Municipalities. An orientation program was held in Chingad Rural Municipality and Lekbesi Municipality of Surkhet district.

As per the report of district police of Surkhet district, 26 people had attempted suicide in the past two months. To prevent suicide & raising awareness in the community, Ministry of Social Development, Karnali Province, Provincial Health Directorate, Health Service Division, District Police Office, Bhairab Yuba Sashaktikaran Kendra & CMC-Nepal jointly celebrated this day. A radio and television jingle related to suicide prevention prepared & aired in all area of Birendra Municipality, along with broadcasting from radio and television. Further, a flex with message on suicide prevention placed in premise of CMC-Nepal and other main places of the city which was read by almost 300 people who gave positive feedback. Almost 5000 people of Birendranagar Municipality benefited on that day from the message of the flex, flyer and jingle broadcasted.

  • In Okhaldhunga, Sindhuli & Udayapur:

In coordination with CPSWs, CPSW Coordinators, PSCs, Staff Nurses & Safe house in-charges, the day was celebrated successfully with several activities with objective of creating awareness in community level highlighting the impact of mental health situation and its affects. In the programs, government representatives were present too who showed their solidarity to strengthen and implement the preventive measures for suicide. The activities such as psycho-education, awareness raising activities group meeting/discussions were carries out where 443 people in total were benefitted.

  • In Salyan:

The day was celebrated successfully in coordination with the Siddhakumakh Rural Municipality in coordination with Municipality Chief. In the program, orientation on suicide prevention, negative impacts of suicide, preventive measures that can be taken  were briefed where the chief of all 5 wards, vice chairpersons were present.

  • In Kailali

Udasipur Primary Health Care Centre, Kailari Rural Municipality organized an interaction program successfully for the day celebration where 20 participants from Udasipur & 25 participants from Joshipur Municipality actively participated (participants were health staffs, teachers, elected members/ representatives and community leaders).

  • In Siraha & Saptari:

The day was celebrated with different activities in almost all local level of both districts with the theme of “working together for suicide prevention”. The flyers were distributed in Surunga Health post, Surunga Municipality which helped in creating awareness to community to know about preventive measures on suicide, its reasons, the prior behaviors that is shown by the person attempting suicide, and ways to deal & support such person who shows the symptoms.

  • Province 1 & 2

Virtual interaction program was organized by Ilam Chautari where PS Supervisors of Province 1 & 2 participated. In the program, the members of Ilam Chutari, staffs of Ilam Municipality were also present. Orientation on Suicide prevention, its symptoms, thoughts on our society, preventive measures & its management, related laws in Nepal, and our role were discussed in the program. The data of suicide attempted in Ilam district was also presented.

  • In Dhading:

An interaction program was organized on suicide prevention in Advance Academy where 15 students participated.

  • Broadcasting of PSA via local FM radio:

A public service announcement (PSA) was broadcasted on suicide and suicide prevention related information. It was jointly broadcasted by Ministry of Health and Population, Mental Hospital, Lagankhel and CMC-Nepal via Community Information Network (400 plus) community FM radio. Similarly, it was also broadcasted from Jagaran FM (12 plus FM of Karnali province).

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