World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

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“Creating hope through Action” is a reminder that there is alternative to suicide and aims to inspire confidence and light in all of us; that our actions, no matter how big or small, may provide hope to those who are struggling. September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day, each year it’s a growing number and tells a shocking story. According to WHO, every 40 seconds someone takes their own life. Suicide is the leading cause of death for people aged 15 to 29.

CMC-Nepal stands in solidarity and is supporting in every way possible through providing psychosocial support in our project areas and via social media platform, tele-counselling, interviews from different radios, televisions & news portal platforms. CMC-Nepal actively participated in interviews that were broadcasted from different news portals, radios & televisions. In our working areas as well, the day was marked successfully and celebrated in the leadership respective Local Municipalities, health professionals, community, SHG members in coordination with our organization. Awareness raising activities on suicide and suicide prevention was executed for marking this day.

  • In Dhanusha:

The Suicide Prevention Day was celebrated successfully in coordination with the Lahan Municipality and other local organization working in mental health, women children related issue. 55 major stakeholders (deputy Mayor, acting chief administrative officer, Chief Area Administration Officer, Coordinator of Health section, Journalist, child club members and other stakeholders participated in the programme. In the meeting, strategies for suicide prevention in coming days were also highlighted and suicide prevention related leaflets were also distributed. CMC Nepal, presented the current situation of suicide in Nepal and province 2. The chief guest,  Deputy Mayor of Lahan municipality, Head of the area administration office of lahan, Head of the area police of lahan, head of the health section of lahan municipality and women rights activist kept their views regarding the suicide prevention day and suicide.

  • In Rautahat:

A  brief orientation on suicide prevention were presented in palikas in Rautahat where total participants 54 (39 Male & 15 female)

  • In Bardiya Municipality

An interaction program was held in Barbardiya Municipality where 77 people participated and were oriented that Suicide is a general health issue. The health personnel & others from the community talked briefly on the affect of suicide in community & family. The Municipality chief informed that Bardiya is the district where large number of suicide is attempted/executed. Hence, to minimize the number he asked CMC-Nepal to actively advocate in this subject. Also, he appreciated that the mental health & psychosocial problems has been minimized after CMC-Nepal has intervened in Bardiya district.

  • In Okhaldhunga,

In Siddhicharan Municipality, Chisankhugadhi Municipality & Molung Rural Municipality, the program was concluded in the presence of FCHVs, health personnels, CPSWs, SHG Members, local Representatives, government officials and community people. Brief orientation of suicide prevention were presented in the program. The total participants were 23 (13 female & 10 Male) in Siddhicharan Municipality, 48 (31 female & 17 male) in Chisankhugadhi Municipality & 48 (31 female & 17 Male) in Molung Rural Municipality.

  • Jajarkot, Surkhet, Dailekh & Udaypur

In coordination with MoSD, Karnali Province Government & local municipalities, the day was marked successfully to create awareness, and in remembrance of people who lost their lives to suicide.

Different awareness activities were carried out in Jajarkot & Surkhet to mark this day fruitfully with participation of the SHG members, health workers, local representative, governmental officials of the M/RM, and the community people. The total participants in Jajarkot were 36 in total (19 Bheri M – 8 male & 11 female and 17 Nalgad RM – 7 male & 10 female); Udaypur 40 in total (Rautamai Municipality – 7 male & 33 female).

In Dailekh, An awareness program & speech competition  on “Role of youth in suicide prevention” program was organized  in order to prevent & create awareness on suicide prevention in Narayan Municipality. The winners are provided with prize as well. The total participants presented in the program was 42 (17 male & 25 female). Also, an interaction program was held in radio program where 210 (87 Male & 123 Females) were approximate listeners.

Also, IEC material on suicide prevention in financial support from cbm was published and distributed in the working areas. The message regarding the suicide prevention were forwarded to more than 850 stakeholders and beneficiaries and radio program Manko Sansar in collaboration with CIN network was broadcasted through 350+ community radios.  The messages were also linked in weekly radio program on mental health “Man ko sansar” developed by CMC-Nepal in collaboration of Niharika Production and financial support of CBM.

  • In Dang, Dhangadhi, Nawalparasi, Kavre & Sindhupalchowk :

In collaboration with local government, the day was marked successfully in the working areas. Various awareness activities such as candle lightning, orientation & interaction programmes were organized in the presence of government representatives, health officials, adolescents, teachers, journalists, and communities. The details are as below:


District Local Government Activity conducted Target Group Target reached
Dang Ghorai Sub-Metropolitan City Awareness Program ,Candle Lighthening program on the memory of lthose who ost lives by committing suicide Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chief Health branch, Ward president, Journalist, other stakeholders, Police officer, health staffs. Total = 42 (Female – 14)
Dhanghadi Dhanghadi Sub-metropolitan City Suicide Awareness Program Health staff, Police, Ward officers and locals. Total = 38 (Female – 19)
Nawalparasi West Ramgram Municipality Suicide sensitization/awareness Program Adolescents/ Students, Journalist, Teachers Total = 29 (Female -14)
Kavre Roshi Rural Muncipality Community Awareness Program, Pamplet Distribution Community at risk of suicide Total = 55 (Female- 34)
Sidhupalchowk Chautra Municipality Community Awareness Program Community at risk of suicide Total = 28 (Female – 13)


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