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World Health Organisation has placed emphasis on mental health as a crucial component of overall health. It has estimated that about 25-30% of global population are suffering from some kind of mental illness. It is also Vulnerability to psychosocial difficulties and mental illness is increased by socio-political conditions such as poverty, internal conflicts, unemployment, gender based and social discrimination and increased social isolation, stress, unhealthy life styles.

The availability of trained health and psychosocial workers is inadequate to meet the need for mental health and psychosocial services and thereby people with mental health and psychosocial problems are not getting adequate service and support from the existing government system and society. INGO’s & local organizations are showing interest to address this issue through different activities but they lack relevant skills. CMC-Nepal is recognized as a prominent skill building resource center for their staff or partners because of its work with different organizations.

Support for conflict-affected people, social and gender based violence affected people and children with emotional and behavioral problems are the emerging areas of work.

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