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School Mental Health Program (January 2022 – December 2025 )

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CMC-Nepal is implementing School Mental Health Program in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) at central level and with (rural) municipality at local level. This programme promotes the psychosocial wellbeing of children and adolescents in school, and develops access to psychosocial support for those who have emotional and behavioral problems, learning difficulties and developmental delays which can impede learning. It mainly focuses on improving classroom behavioral management, empowering parents and other stakeholders involved in school activities, employing a positive disciplinary approach and managing a student listening unit (school counseling). This programme also encourages referral service mechanism in government hospital for advanced cases from the schools. The sixth phase of this project is implemented in 80 schools of Kalikot and Jajarkot districts from July 2022 for three and half  years with financial support from Felm, Finland. The follow-up support will be provided in 100 schools of Salyan and Kailali until June 2022.

On the other hand it is also collaborating and closely working  with Centre for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD), Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Development of the concerned provinces for policy advocacy in mainstreaming  school mental health components in school education system through development of in teachers’ training packages and its delivery at school level.

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Samita maharjan
Samita maharjan
6 years ago

Dear sir, madam.
I’m from ktm. My son is 9yrs. He is physically fit and fine but not than other children. Academic qualification is not upgrade. We send to him 7yrs fully montessori. We fellow to India (AIIMS), (SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL ) but no any problems find out. So I want to take child behaviour training in cmcnep. Is it possible ?.
Samita maharjan
9841425779,9818044306, 9801004482

Saroj ayer
Saroj ayer
5 years ago

Sir! I am a cricket player and have been playing for 10 years and was a part of national camp even.But it has been 4 Years I have been in vision impairement .I cant see cricket ball as it is released from brain selectively blocks the image of balls and can’t see anything.but in other task while running and doing anything I dnt have such problems..I consulted neuro opthalogist and cardiologist but there is no any problem in eye vision totally good 6/6 and no any problem in retina, I consulted retinal dr even and heart is totally normal.And… Read more »

Lawaraj chimouriya
Lawaraj chimouriya
3 years ago

Dear sir, namaskar this is me Lawaraj Chimouriya from Kavre and I would like to inform you about my son’s behavioural problems/symptoms that seems to be affected by social anxiety disorder. He is 15 years old studying in grade 10. He has the following problems. He doesn’t like to make eye contact while making conversations, gives short answer in low voice if asked, likes to stay single/alone. He is good in study by the way he was school first in the exam, can’t maintain good posture while walking and standing, feels nervous with his friends and teacher, feels easy on… Read more »

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