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Enhancing Mental Health Wellbeing of the Migrant Workers and their families_Prabardhan Pariyojana (Mar 2022 to Dec 2025)

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The main objective of this programme is to bring happiness in the work and life of migrant workers and their family members, including persons with disabilities through promotion of mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. The project intends to initiate actions in collaboration and partnership with local government and migrant workers and their families to increase awareness on mental health and psychosocial issues and building access of mental health and psychosocial service for the families, returning migrant workers, persons with disability and other community people at goverment health system. Further, this project empowers to the migrant workers and their families, through building social enterprize business skills and supporting them in livelihood support activities. This program is implemented in 7 municipalities of Kailali & Salyan districts in financial support of Felm.

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