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GBV Response Project in COVID-19 in Nepal (1st September 2021 to November 2022)

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This is EU funded project, implemented by UNFPA on the technical assistance of CMC-Nepal and WOREC-Nepal. This is implemented in 7 local governments of Province No 2 and Karnali Province, in partnership with the local government. The specific objective of this project is to ensure the availability of essential prevention and response services for GBV survivors during and after the COVID-19 lockdown, in line with the priorities identified in the Nepal Country Preparedness and Response Plan (CPRP). Further, this project address both the demand side challenges of GBV response, i.e., demand from women as well as the supply, i.e., provision of good quality, multi-sectoral services. CMC-Nepal’s role in this project is to capacitate to GBV response team (health workers, case managers, and psychosocial counsellors, CPSW, FCHV) in order to provide health and psychosocial response to the GBV survivors.

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