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Inclusion and Rights of the Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities

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In Nepal, people with mental health problem and psychosocial disabilities are vulnerable to torture and abuses. The society is deep rooted with social stigma and the existing physical and social environment not friendly to persons with psychosocial disabilities. They are excluded from the participation in public and social functions and in development. Most people with mental and psychosocial disabilities are grossly neglected, discriminated and in-capacitated in their civil and political rights.

In this scenario cbm Nepal and CMC-Nepal jointly initiated the project “Inclusion and Rights of the Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities” in three earthquake affected districts to strengthen mental health service in the government health facilities in order to establish their rights to health and empower them and their family members for their rights, inclusion and social justice.  This project is implemented in Gorkha, Dhading & Sindhupalchok districts from July 2016 for 30 months.

Key Activities:

  • Training in Mental Health and Psychosocial Counselling to health professionals
  • Training in Emotional & Behavioural Problems of children to school teachers
  • Post training support and clinical supervision
  • Awareness raising program
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Formation and empowerment of Self Help Group
  • Strengthen / develop district level network of SHG and linking them to NFDN
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