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Karnali Mental Health Programme (KMHP) 2023 to 2026

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Karnali Mental Health Programme is implemented by CMC-Nepal with financial and technical support from CBM Global for project duration from March 2023 to February 2026. It is being implemented in ten rural/municipalities of Surkhet, Dailekh, and Western Rukum districts those are Bheriganga, Barahatal, Simta, Dullu, Narayan, Athbis, Gurans, Naumule, Musikot and Sanibheri.

The project builds upon the learning of Integrated Community Mental Health Programme (ICMHP), incorporating insights gained in engaging local governments, enhancing municipal health facilities, and promoting mental health awareness. While maintaining ICMHP core objectives of developing mental health strategies, strengthening health systems, empowering self-help groups (SHGs), and promoting mental health in schools, KMHP introduces new approaches to involve individuals with mental health conditions. These include peer support initiatives, community awareness campaigns, and advocacy efforts aimed at fostering inclusivity and support within communities.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute formation of Inclusive community where persons with and at-risk of mental health conditions and psychosocial disability enjoy independent life and are included in the community on an equal basis. Its specific objective is to ensure that persons with or at-risk of mental health conditions and psychosocial disability have improved access to quality MHPSS services, government entitlements and meaningful participation in the community forum in Surkhet, Daileksh and Pachhim Rukum by 2025.”
The project will deliver following results: –

Result 1: Local government informed and sensitized to integrate mental health service in their primary health care service and revised plan and policy with budget allocation

Result 2: Strengthened Local and Provincial Government health system to deliver quality mental health and psychosocial services

Result 3: Empowered mental health self–help groups and networks are engaged in awareness raising, peer counselling and self-advocacy for their rights as guaranteed by UNCRPD and Disability Rights Act of Nepal

Result 4: Improved mental health and psychosocial wellbeing practices in schools

Result 5: Organizational capacity of partner strengthened for project management, humanitarian action and quality project implementation

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