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Case Stories – Psychosocial Intervention for School Children

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  • These 14 success stories tell of the impact of a programme run by the Centre for Mental Health and Counselling (CMC Nepal). The Psychosocial Intervention for Children  at school project ran over two phases (Sep 2015–April 2016 it was especially the children affected by earthquake and June 2016–March 2017), it was especially psychosocial support at school for the quality learning of the children with financial support from Finnish Church Aid.
  • The project created psychosocial awareness among teachers, parents and students and trains teachers in individual psychosocial support and group psychosocial intervention for quality learning of the children.
  • The project ran in 61 schools in in Gorkha, Kathmandu, Bhaktpur Lalitpur, Sindhuli and Makawanpur In Phase 1 it ran in16 schools in Kathmandu, 16 schools in Southern Lalitpur and 13 schools in Bhaktapur all together in 45 schools. In Phase 2 the project ran in 15 schools in Gorkha, 15 schools in Sindhuli, 15 schools in Makwanpur and 16 schools in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur
  • Impact of the project is mainly seen in students psychosocial well being that is improved in school attendance, active participation in learning activities, disciplinary manner, students could share their feelings with teachers and awareness on child protection and participation through child club. It is possible because of 8 days teachers training on psychosocial support at school, child friendly classroom management and positive disciplinary approach in comprehensive model. In addition psychosocial support unit in 20 schools is established  corporal punishment is minimized and practices of  positive disciplinary tools  and classroom based promotional activities are promoting as a culture.

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