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Reintegration of Returnee Migrant Works (ReMi) Project

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To address reintegration issue of returnee migrant workers, Ministry of Labor Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) implemented ReMi project through bilateral agreement with Government of Switzerland. Technical Assistance was provided by Helvetas Swiss Inter-cooperation Nepal. ReMi project overall goal is returnee migrant workers have re-established themselves in Nepal and actively participate in social, cultural, economical and political life. Project have two major outcomes: i) men and women returnee migrant workers in project working area establish a stable social and economic situation and ii) the three tiers of government implement effective mechanisms to provide reintegration services to returnee migrant workers. ReMi project is implemented as a pilot project in 10 local governments in Koshi province and 10 local governments in Madhesh province.

Concretely, the ReMi project understands reintegration as a process through which a returnee migrant worker integrates or develops an income generating activity (e.g. job or self-employment), re-establishes social ties and networks, and feels safe and accepted again in his/her community of origin. CMC-Nepal is a technical partner of the project to support capacity of Employment Service Centre (ESC) of local level in social reintegration since July 2023. It will support in designing capacity building materials of ESC staff (outreach workers, family counselor and economic counselor), provide training and supervision and support to develop awareness materials on social reintegration of returnee migrant workers.

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