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Rudra (Pseudo name), 23 years, married have one daughter from Nawalparasi district has been referred for psychosocial intervention by returnee volunteer. He had accident in Malasia after 16 months working. He was not able to pay back huge amount of loan that he has taken for foreign employment. He was found very much distressed because of loss of three fingers of one hand, burden of loan, pressure from money lender to return money and family responsibility. He was often distressed because of remembering incident (flashback) that cut his hand and imagining the worst future situation. He was hopeless towards future and his capacity, worried a lot when neighbour are also commenting about his disability. There was more fear, anxiety, sadness feeling, feeling of restlessness, not able to focus on any productive activity when he remembered about loan. He was not much concern of caring self, became he feels he is thin and physically weak and weaker self confidence. Social worker from Indreni Social Development visited him, listened his traumatic experiences, and reassured him for compensation claim process. Social worker and volunteer explained detail about the compensation claiming process, necessary document to apply for compensation through Information Communication Centre (ICC) for necessary coordination with SaMi national partner. Social worker focused on his psychological distress, helped him to realize the consequences of his behaviour (worry, anxiety etc..) to himself and family. Social worker has helped him to cope with fear and distressing thought and images, taught him body and mind relaxation techniques with prescription for regular and timely practice. His negative thoughts were also analysed, trained him to find and remember positive experiences and resources, tips to use these techniques etc.

Slowly, Rudra started caring himself and also family, started to keep him busy in household work and making fishnet and other work. People could see happiness in his face, his mother and wife were also happy seeing those positive changes. He started giving interview in local Radio on foreign employment issue, his experiences and importance to have information about safe migration for potential migrant workers. He now started working daily as a labour work and earned about three hundred rupees daily. His mother and wife thanked to social worker and Indreni for timely help and providing great emotional support to Rudra. In the mean time he was able to receive compensation of rupees one hundred twenty five thousands from Foreign Employment Board. It has given him relief to pay back his loan and also has plan of using remaining money to run small business for regular income source. He has bought a sewing machine for his wife so that she can also work and earn even at home.

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