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Manisha (name changed), thirty two year, married women mother of two children  from Ramechhap has been seen by social worker. Her husband has been in Malysia since last three years and has satisfactory earning. He is sending money regularly to his wife. However, Manisha has been suffering with weakness, sickness with symptoms of haemorrhagic patches in skin over body. She has treated this condition and got better. Meanwhile she also suffered with symptoms of fearfulness, restless, not able to get proper sleep, staying aloof (social isolation), not interested in caring children and self. She had treated in Mental Hospital Lagankhel, was better for some time. Symptoms relapsed when she stopped medicine when her husband went Malysia. She was complaining same symptoms with social worker in her first visit. Social worker helped her to bring Tamakoshi Cooperative Hospital following suggestion from psychosocial expert from CMC-Nepal. Manisha has given medicine in the hospital and psychosocial worker continued her visit to reassure her, listen her fear, worries. Social worker taught her some physical relaxation techniques  and mapping of distress in the body and tips to make tense part relaxed with practice anxiety reducing techniques with the help of deep breathing, muscle relaxation techniques. Her negative thoughts were also listed and trained her to counteract such thoughts using her positive resources and strengths. She was slowly feeling better, her fear have been almost stopped, happiness return in her face, started caring children and agricultural work in field. Neighbour have given feedback to social worker that Manish is now much changed, took part in caring household work, participating field work of neighbour and oneself (arma- parma). Her another worry was about fainting problem of her daughter, for which social worker again referred her in the same hospital after discussing the case with psychosocial expert in CMC-Nepal. The problem of daughter is also getting better, she is taking medicine for epileptic fit and fainting is stopped after three weeks of adjusting adequate dose of medicine. Her daughter is more friendly with social worker, shared her feelings and study at school. She is good student in the study. Manisha has thanked social worker for important support.

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