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Centre for Mental Health and Counseling-Nepal (CMC-Nepal), is a national Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in May, 2003 and it is working for the promotion of psychosocial wellbeing and providing affordable and accessible mental health services to the Nepalese people. CMC-Nepal is registered in Kathmandu District Administration Office (838-059/060) and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (14822) of the Government of Nepal. CMC-Nepal with its vision of enhancing psychosocial wellbeing and promotion of dignified life of the people with mental health problems, closely works with the government and non-government agencies, at national, province and local level to improve access to mental health and psychosocial services. In doing so, CMC-Nepal enhances the capacity of health professionals, teachers and development workers and creates awareness through improved public understanding of mental health and psychosocial issues. Right based social mobilization approach has been inbuilt in its community mental health projects since 2013 and through this approach, CMC-Nepal has increased its efforts to protect, respect and fulfill the basic human rights of the people with psychosocial disabilities through closely working with the people with psychosocial disabilities, their families, community people and duty bearers. CMC-Nepal further works to increase better understanding of mental health and psychosocial issues and its needs, and thereby promotes mental health awareness at national and local levels through networking, capacity building and awareness campaigns. It also works to create safer and more protective environments at school and home for the psychosocial wellbeing of school-going children and adolescents.

From its inception, CMC-Nepal has been extensively working to develop human resources in mental health and psychosocial counseling services. Furthermore, CMC-Nepal has also worked with people affected by armed conflict, disasters (earthquake, flood, landslide, storm and COVID 19 pandemic), migrant workers, brick kiln workers, Verified Minors Late Recruited (VMLR) and bonded labors. It has also contributed in empowerment of the poor and marginalized people through integrating psychosocial approaches in development projects and addressing the mental health and psychosocial needs in all tires of government. It has not only worked with Government agencies for enhancing these services but also with International Non-Government Organizations in addressing psychosocial issues, especially focused on children, women, people with HIV/AIDS, GBV survivors and persons with disability. In the journey of 17 years, CMC-Nepal has appreciable track record with evidence-based working experience with different funding agencies. The major financial partners of CMC-Nepal are Felm-Finland, TEAR Australia, SaMi Helvetas, SDC-Swiss, Freedom Fund-UK, cbm, tdh-Switzerland, Himal Partner-Norway, UNFPA, UNICEF and ACF-France.